Increase your cellular health! DRINK SAXUM “HOREB” OZONATED WATER DAILY!

Ozone is an unstable form of oxygen. The type of oxygen we breathe in every day is O2, which has 2 atoms of oxygen.  Ozone is O3, which means 3 atoms of oxygen are bonded together.

It has become a commonality in the natural health field as well as in science and medicine that oxygen deprivation at the cellular level leads to disease. Therefore it’s no gain saying that, one of the quickest ways to improve cellular health is to increase oxygenation.  Typically, increased cellular oxygenation is achieved primarily through a live food (i.e., raw, organic) diet, deep breathing, exercise, and by drinking enough clean water to be fully hydrated.  Many people are drinking ozonated water for 2 main reasons: they want water that is purified by the ozone process and because they believe ozonated water increases oxygenation and detoxification in the body.  A good quality ozone generator like the type SAXUM uses can produce ozonated water that is free of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and most synthetic chemicals, and certainly will improve your oxygenation and cellular health.

Ozone is the strongest oxidant of the common disinfecting agents.  It is extremely active as a disinfectant.  Today, it is the most commonly used disinfection process. One important reason is that only oxygen is added to organic compounds, so few of the products are considered to be health hazards. A wider spectrum of organisms is destroyed by ozone than by chlorine, and removal of taste and odors is excellent. The reactions are rapid compared to those for chlorine, but only after an initial demand for ozone is satisfied.  There is rapidly growing sentiment to switch to ozone.  The benefits are the strength of the disinfection and the lack of potentially harmful by-products like trihalomethanes (THMs).  The reactions, in general, are more rapid than that of chlorination processes.   The drawback of ozone, like chlorine, is that it may not kill cysts and some other large organisms so these should be eliminated by filtration or other procedures prior to treatment.  SAXUM has invested in high tech filtration system, to ensure that water is not just consumed to break thirst but is also safe and healthy to drink.  SAXUM has one of the latest advanced water filtration system in the world today, the Reverse Osmosis (RO), system that kills cysts and other large organisms found in water among other benefits.

Ozone will also detoxify cyanides by converting them to cyanates (CN + O3 → CNO+ O2), which are a thousand times less toxic.  For this reason, many have testified that ozonated water is amazing! Its wonderful! It relieves many diseases and drastically reduces occurrence of diseases like cancers, diabetes and asthma among others.

Ozone will also completely decompose urea.  The largest use of ozone is in the killing of microorganisms in air and water sources. Many municipal drinking water systems kill bacteria with ozone instead of the more common chlorine.   Where electrical power is abundant or cheap, ozone is a cost-effective method of treating water, since it is produced on demand and does not require transportation and storage of hazardous chemicals. Once it has decayed, it leaves no taste or odor in drinking water.  Eradicate water borne parasites such as giardia lamblia and cryptosporidium in surface water treatment plants (cf website above).  Its use can minimize bacterial growth, control parasites, eliminate transmission of some diseases as stated above, and reduce or eliminate “yellowing” of the water.  Some consumers of ozonated water in US have testified that they get more energy after drinking it and haven’t had cold or sickness bugs since they have drunk it.

Ozone is considered “activated oxygen,” which has been used therapeutically in a number of ways, including by intravenous injection, blood transfusions, ozone showers, as well as ozonated drinking water.  Drinking this water is considered to be one of the simplest and least expensive ways to get ozone safely into the bloodstream.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating.  Try drinking the ozonated water.

DRINK SAXUM “HOREB” OZONATED WATER daily and join the list of testifiers.  You’ll be better off for it!


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