Our Company Profile

SAXUM (SaXumD) is a privately owned business and is currently providing targeted and fit for purpose training in various areas of quality, process management, safety,  and also venturing into waste management using intelligent software solution to manage, track, and report real-time on business operation, and in addition venturing into the production of clean, safe, and hygienically packaged drinking water.  The company has over a decade experience in business & quality management system/ISO 9001, process improvement, system risk management, and janitorial services.  Where required, we also facilitate training in safety management.

SAXUM provides the right service for its customers, shareholders, and community, based on five building blocks; productivity, safety, expertise, partnership, and securing the future following proactive risk mitigation strategy.

The Water production plant will be strategically located in Lagos, Nigeria and sells “Horeb” brand water product to its customers in the community and region leveraging on its customized marketing business model.

The company’s consulting strategic portfolio is:

  • Quality Assurance & System Certification Support
  • Targeted & Fit For Purpose Training – leverages on technical & professional global network
  • Janitorial Services, Waste, Materials & Metals Management
  • Telecommunication Infrastructure Solution
  • Haulage / Trucking

Our Corporate Vision

An innovative, competitive and dependable company, with an environmental friendly and sustainable workplace and motivated diverse workforce.

Our Mission Statement

Our corporate philosophy is to deliver value to our clients, and stakeholders through operations conducted with integrity, respect for people and sustainable environment and in compliance with international quality standards.

Our Quality Policy

We are committed to delighting our customers with a timely delivery of defect-free products and excellent service achieved through deliberate and proactive continuous improvements of business management system and its processes.

Our HSE Policy

At SAXUM we take significant steps to ensuring always, a safe and healthy environment for all our employees, customers, and visitors, through compliance with our sites, occupational, and environmental health and safety standards.