Telecommunication Infrastructure Solutions

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We have demonstrable experience in ISO 9001 certification for the telecoms and manufacturing industries both within Nigeria and the United States of America.  Consulting on telecommunication infrastructure solution shall be focused primarily on tower site builds (site build process mapping, civil works, structure erection, power system, RF, materials warehousing),  and site maintenance/services.  Where required and within contractual framework, SAXUM is a available to partner any credible party that share the company’s vision in the running and management of its telecoms infrastructure solutions even if it means starting from the design and planning stage.  Business unit of this portfolio include:

      • Site access control and bio-metrics identification
      • Diesel delivery monitoring and control
      • Tower quality assurance  / integrity checks
      • Support ISO 9001 system certification/installation, maintenance as well as site auditing (QMS)
      • Safety incident reporting / Customer complaints & resolutions

PHOTO above: A scene in 2005, SAXUM CEO led the quality team of a multinational telecoms company through several process analyses and developments into the ultimate certification of the company’s quality management system in line with the ISO 9001 standard as well as in the general process improvement of the interaction between the company’s key processes including those of the quality management system. This was a feat and indeed a great achievement for the company which gained tremendous recognition in the Nigeria telecoms industry being the first to obtain such certification.