The National Assembly to visit Bonny Kingdom, Rivers State

 “It is said that evil prevail when good people sit down and fold their hands or do nothing”

The Bonny Youths Federation (BYF) in the last few months has been on the forefront and unrepentantly resisting the move by the NLNG to site the 1.5 billion dollars dry-dock(shipyard) at Badagry in Lagos State. This intellectual resistance had a great boost when the BYF wrote a letter of protest to the National Assembly of the Federal Republic of Nigeria through the Kingdom’s rep, Hon. Randolph I. Brown, the member representing the DEGEMA/BONNY CONSTITUENCY. He read the petition on the floor of the house during a plenary session; the case was referred to the PUBLIC COMPLAINT COMMITTEE made up of 42 members.

Interestingly, BYF was invited to open their case on the 23rd of November, and 9th December, 2015. There were initial challenges on transporting delegates to Abuja.  However money was raised communally and Hon. Brown also assisted delegates at Abuja on arrival.

NLNG made appearance through their Deputy Managing director Government Affairs Mr. Salam Salim as their lead while the Youth Leader Simeon Wilcox Esq. led the BYF team.

The following issues were tabled before the House:

 The dry dock to be built in Bonny to economically empower our youths

  • NLNG having more than 1, 300 direct staff with Bonny indigenes less than 80
  • The number of Bonny indigenes sent to Korea for ship building training is over exaggerated
  • The claim by the NLNG to have built a world class heath center fully equipped (Bonny General Hospital) for Bonny people is light years far from reality
  • After hearing both sides,  the House directed NLNG to submit the following documents:
    • The nominal roll containing names, and origin of  all staff
    • The contract between NLNG and Samsung – heavy industries to train 600 Nigerians, and the list of those sent
    • The contract between NLNG and Royal ‘Hoskoning’ DV, the company that carried out the feasibility study for the dry dock , and the feasibility study itself

BYF further appealed to the House to pay a visit to Bonny Island so as to ascertain the claims of both parties.

The National Assembly graciously accepted this plea.

Write-up by the Youth Leader

The entire Bonny Kingdom got the back of the Bonny Youth Federation (BYF) as it concerns their efforts to ensure the siting of the Dry-Dock (Shipyard) in the oil-rich Kingdom.  The Kingdom is also up in prayers, asking the Ancient of Days, Jehovah God to support all moves to actualize this great dream, and ALL the people shall say, AMEN!



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