Welcome to SAXUM

SAXUM (a.k.a SaXumD) was incorporated in 1996 and commenced operations in Nigeria in 1997. The company is a private owned business and continues to look out for viable opportunities to partner with credible investors that share the ideals of the company vision to invest in the new business development and expansion projects of Saxum. We are a seasoned and professional consulting based company providing targeted and fit for purpose training for the development of technical and professional skills in various areas of quality, safety and process management, as well as delivering excellent janitorial services in collaboration with our clients. SAXUM is an innovative water production company. Our customers are well informed and so make excellent decisions for their health and money. The company has over a decade experience in quality & business management system and provides professional support for ISO 9001 quality management system certification, and improvement of processes for profitability, and risk reduction in operations. The company product offerings also include consulting in materials and metals management, recycling and processing. Our corporate philosophy is to deliver value to our clients and customers through operations conducted with integrity, respect for sustainable environment, professionalism in systems' certifications to ISO quality standards, and in the use and applications of SPC, C & E Charts, Mistake Proofing, Process Dominance Control Systems, and Turtle Diagrams. Saxum is available to consult for and provide services required to develop and implement any project on behalf of potential partners within necessary contractual framework as may be agreed between Saxum and such third parties. SAXUM consulting expertise is partly drawn from its strategic mix of technical global network with the expertise of its core personnel in materials science and engineering as well as oil and gas contract negotiations and management having a long term singularity focus in recycling semiconductor and solar devices. Also its core personnel currently serve in the Leadership Team of the American Society for Quality at the Dallas Section.

Our Corporate Vision

An innovative, competitive and dependable company, with an environmental friendly and sustainable workplace and motivated diverse workforce.

Our Mission Statement
Our corporate philosophy is to deliver value to our clients, and shareholders through operations conducted with integrity, respect for people and sustainable environment and in compliance with international quality standards.

Our Quality Policy
We are committed to delighting our customers with a timely delivery of defect-free products and excellent service achieved through deliberate and proactive continuous improvements of business management system and its processes.

Our HSE Policy
At SAXUM we take significant steps to ensuring always, a safe and healthy environment for all our employees, customers, and visitors, through compliance with our sites, occupational, and environmental health and safety standards.


SAXUM (SaXumD) is privately owned and is currently into fit-for-purpose training, auditing, quality system certification support, intelligent software solution in some specific business units, consulting in waste management, telecoms, trucking, and outsourcing. The company is also venturing into water production.

The company has over a decade experience in quality & business management system, process improvement, system risk management, and janitorial services.. SAXUM provides the right service for its customers, shareholders, and community, based on five building blocks; productivity, safety, expertise, partnership, and securing the future following proactive risk mitigation strategy.

The “Horeb” brand water is designed to meet the health needs of its customers in the community and region leveraging on its customized marketing business model.

OUR SKILLS - from the lens of our clients

Training: HSE, Process & Project Mgt. 90%
Auditing & Quality Assurance: ISO 9001/QMS 95%
Haulage / Trucking: Energy sector 90%
Janitorial Services/Outsourcing Service 90%
Electronic Document/Digital Library MS 88%
Telecoms Infrastructure: Tower Integrity checks 89%
Manufacturing: Nonferrous metals 92%