Water Production

The Water Small Business Unit (SBU)  of SAXUM (SaXumD) shall operate on its national network marketing business model using its FlexiRo-website and the social network media as strategic tools.  Through the development of specialized contacts, the Water SBU is able to establish bonds enabling it to convert prospects to leads in the market.  This business model is a win-win value stream for the Water SBU and its sales force both in terms of revenue generation and commission respectively.  Water SBU “baby-project” intends to apply multiplicity-based concept into its marketing business model using the enrichment of market segments and Pareto charts as tools, an uncommon strategy in this field.  Hopefully, as the market goes into its boom and maturity cycles, the revenue stream then turns sales force job into a business.  SAXUM (SaXumD) provides the right service for its customers, shareholders, and community based on five building blocks; productivity, safety, expertise, partnership, and securing the future following proactive risk mitigation strategy.

SAXUM (SaXumD) strategic plan is to have a certified laboratory recognized by NAFDAC, proficient in the use of methodology for the analyses of drinking water using ISO 17025 standards for its good laboratory practice.  This laboratory will be manned by qualified personnel who have demonstrable knowledge of the required operations areas of responsibilities and interpretation of results.